Filles en caravane

Our project: Caravan Girls Club

The Caravan Girls Club is a space by and for young women ages 14 to 25 years and members of the Mouvement Against Rape and Incest (MCVI). Together we participate in sensitization and prevention activities, community action projects and social justice initiatives. Through regular meetings, the Caravan Girls collectively choose activities, animate discussions and share our experiences with sexual violence, consent, feminism and other topics that concern us! Together, we fight for women and migrant rights all over the world.

The MCVI’s mandate

To provide direct support and accompaniment for women survivors of sexual assault.

To do prevention, sensitization and popular education with individuals, groups, and communities on sexual violence.

To promote and defend the rights of women through political action, advocacy, and by creating networks of solidarity, accesibility and equality between diverse women and various social structures.

Values of MCVI

Core Values: #feminist #intersectional #anti-oppressive #empowerment #inclusion #diversity #solidarity #listening #empathy #sharing #education


Through the Caravan Girls Club, I’ve reached out of my comfort zone and done things I wouldn’t normally do. I have met new people, made connections and learned to put others into consideration when making collective decisions. I’ve learned to think deeper and analyze situations better.”

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